What is Stamped Concrete?

What is Stamped Concrete?

Why choose Maverick Stamped Concrete?
Maverick Stamped Concrete is simply a concrete slab with a stained, textured and embossed surface.  In concept it sounds simple, but unlike working with any color palate, be it watercolor, oils or acrylics.

When a contractor does a bad job, you have a 10,000 pound eye sore.  Choose Maverick Stamped Concrete; 20 years and going strong.  We’ll make it art.

The process is when Maverick Concrete:

  • Planning the pattern design, layout, color and most importantly texture variation
  • Often adds color to the concrete as it is re-mixed on site
  • Pour and smooths the slab
  • Chemicals are applied for the appropriate color saturation and texture variance.
  • Presses a pattern into the surface while the concrete is still wet and soft.
  • Often with dynamic design patterns, for realism, adds chemical color enhancers to select highlights to the surface that has been stamped.



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